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Soroush Lashkary (better known by his stage name Hichkas meaning "nobody") is an Iranian rapper based in Tehran. He has never received official permission to release his music legally in Iran since most western-style music is banned in the country. Soroush Lashkary graduated from Raoof High School in Tehran in 2003. Soon after he started one of the first rap groups based in Tehran called "021" (Tehran's area code). He is one of the most famous rappers in Iran. Soroush refers to himself as "pedar e rap e fars" (The Father Of Persian Rap), as he claims to have started the persian rap movement with the 021-music website. He was arrested in Tehran for political reasons for 15 days. His first songs were mostly in English and about social problems in Iran. Then he began rapping in Persian because it is easier for him to express his feelings in it. After releasing some songs, Hichkas started to experiment with different styles in rap, and now listeners can hear a different style in each of his songs. Hichkas has also had songs on different subjects like unity in "Baa Ham", treachery in "Pedar Khaandeh", and duets with artists like Saman (Wilson) from Zedbazi in "Vase Har Irani". He created the 021 group and his first album was "The Asphalt Jungle/" featured 11 new songs further exploring the combination of Persian instruments with Western beats, composed and produced by then 17 year old underground musician Mahdyar Aghajani. The album also featured British Iranian rapper Reveal from Poisonous Poets on a number of its songs. He could not release the album legally in Iran, it was released on iTunes first and then became available to buy from his official website for a limited time. The regime disapproved of the content. Hich Kas' lyrics have touched on government indifference towards the public, unemployment, and violence in daily life. He also created Saamet records (Biggest Persian Rap underground group.

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ارسال شده در : سه شنبه 11 بهمن 1390 - توسط : saeedsamet
بازديد : 214 بار نظر دهيد! [ ]

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